Ken Davitian as Harry

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One of the most recognizable faces on the set of Melvin Smarty was Mr. Ken Davitian. With a long successful career in Hollywood we could not have been more proud to nab Ken as our very own. Playing Harry, Sylvia’s money hungry father, Ken captured the greed, crazy, and casino-owner perfectly. Nothing says class like a wall to wall velvet blue casino.

In case you are having trouble placing this handsome face maybe some of these big name films will help jog your memory: Get Smart, Borat, and the 2011 Academy Award winner The Artist where he plays a pawn shop owner. Ken doesn’t mess around when it comes to acting and he’s currently shooting Sharkproof with Jon Lovitz and Wild Oats with Jack Black. To stay up to date with all things relating to Ken, check out his Facebook and Twitter pages.

Tyler Hoechlin as Ricky

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The cast of Melvin Smarty came together as perfect as a fine wine and we were lucky to work with such talented actors. From the new up and comers to the established veterans, the cast melded amazingly to make each day on set hysterical and produce the most kick-ass film. One of the up and coming stars that was a huge part of Melvin Smarty’s success was Tyler Hoechlin. Tyler isn’t just a pretty faced, ex-baseball player this guy has got serious acting chops and plays Melvin Smarty’s main character Ricky.

Before Tyler played Ricky in Melvin Smarty, Tyler had small roles in 7th Heaven, CSI Miami, and a number made for TV films. He’s recently had tremendous success as Derek Hale in MTV’s Teen Wolfe. It doesn’t surprise us one bit that Tyler has found such a perfect role and we’re lucky to always consider him part of the Melvin Smarty Family.

Melvin Gets Social!

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As Melvin Smarty ramps up to take you on a wild ride, we have made sure to find Melvin a home on Facebook and Twitter. Strike up a conversation and stay a while, our Facebook page is filled with interesting film history, photographs from on set, events, and never before seen video. Twitter is spouting off cooky commentary, classic one liners, and serves as a great forum to ask questions!

Questions asked on Facebook and Twitter about film making, indie films, and specifics about Melvin Smarty will be answered in future “Meet the Film Makers” vlog series. We hope you stayed tuned and in the mean give us a follow on Facebook and Twitter!

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